Fired by love's urgent longings, I am his rocketman.

Today is my birthday.  Do you know what I want for my birthday?  More!  More love, more power, more faith, more joy, more Jesus, more Holy Spirit.  I would like to say that I am content or that I have everything that I need.  But I don’t.  Or if I do, I am not aware of it.  All day I have felt a longing inside.  I want more, for me, for you, for all of us.  I hope this year is a year full of seeking, knocking and finding.  I know there’s more and I hope to find it.

Photo compliments of Jim Begley

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  1. Mark, Amen to your birthday prayer. God wants to pour out “more” than we can ask or imagine and He will do so.

  2. Don Swenson says:

    Alleluia to you, dear friend of Jesus!!

    I wish you the very best!!!

    I question: The wife of our deacon has serious cancer. I fell called to pray for her but I do know that I have little to no experience in doing this. Sould Angela and I offer to pray for her by laying on of hands? Or is this too far beyond my faith thresehold.

    I will do a blog for you soon about my reflections on Alleluia. I am mostly doing teaching now but will do the whole work on Alleluia when we come in January.

    I think of you much and pray for you. Dan sees you as “coming to your own” in this miracles and power ministry.

    Love, oh awesome friend of Jesus!!!


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