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7 Quick Takes (5/24/13)

7 Quick Takes (5/24/13)

Welcome to my new readers! I’ve just launched this redesigned blog on WordPress and decided to join up with Jennifer Fulwiler’s 7 Quick Takes as a way to get to know other bloggers. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you about my family and the unique community in which we live.


Times Square

When the kids were little, things were a lot simpler.  For one thing, at bed time, they were all present and accounted for under one roof.  Tonight, Shea will fall asleep in New York city, not too far from Times Square.  Shea has been enjoying all the sights and sounds of the  big Apple with her good friend, Casey.  Life is good when you are a sophomore in College.



Uncle Micah and Emmett

Micah and Sean just completed a trek by car from Augusta to Phoenix in a day and a half.  They drove Lucia’s car so the she now has use of it while she’s living in Tempe.  Even though they drove for 32 hours, Micah and Sean couldn’t resist a side trip to Toombstone before reaching their final destination.





This is Emmett.  He is now enjoying the company of his Uncle Sean and Uncle Micah.  He was a little timid around them when they first arrived, but he is warming quickly.  What a lucky boy to have such good uncles.



Shea and Sea


Speaking of Sean, he brought me a jalapeño hamburger from the Village Deli the night before he and Micah left for Arizona.  The hamburger was delicious, but I couldn’t eat it all.  Sean ate half of it.  When he bit into the burger, he winced in pain.  I thought he might have a toothache.  When I asked him about it, he said it wasn’t his tooth, but his jaw that was hurting.  He didn’t know what caused it to hurt but told me it had been hurting all day long.  I put my hand on his jaw and prayed for Jesus to heal it.  As I was praying, the pain in his jaw went completely away.  He said, “Thanks Dad”.


We are launching our new blog site this weekend.  It has a brand new look and we added some new features.  I am very excited  about a new section that we have added about the Alleluia Community.  The Alleluia Community is a Christian community with members from 11 different denominations who are doing their best to follow Jesus and to love each other along the way.  The Community is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.  Every month or so, I will invite someone to share a post about life in the Alleluia Community.




Talk about a busy weekend.  Ryan finished his last day of the 10th grade today.   Sarah is busy making approximately 350 cupcakes (give or take depending on whether I can sneak one or two away) for a wedding on Saturday.  Tomorrow night is the wake service  and Saturday morning is the funeral for a very good brother in the Lord, Barry Forde.  We are going to miss Barry.  On Sunday, we have two very special nieces graduating from High School.  Thank God for a long weekend.



Resting at the end of the journey

God is good.  Across the table, sitting on the window sill is Sarah’s chalkboard.  She has written the following on it:  “Today I am thankful for Micah and Sean’s safe travel, Ryan’s last day of school and cupcakes.”  It is good to be thankful and we have so much to be thankful for!  The end of school, the beginning of summer, graduations, weddings, the celebration of life, the burial of a good man, things past and things to look forward to.


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