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Happy Birthday Grandpa

Happy Birthday Grandpa

       Today is Grandpa’s birthday.  He is 76 years old according to the way we keep track of time.  But Grandpa no longer cares about time the way we do.  He is now with Christ.
He folded his tent for the last time on April 20, just under a year ago.  He is now clothed in Christ; he traded his lowly body for one more suitable to heaven.
I am not yet ready for heaven, but every once in a while, I catch a glimpse, my heart leaps in my chest and I want to fly away.  Oh! if we only knew, earth couldn’t hold us; we would bound like children, high on joy, to be with Jesus, and the best Daddy ever.
At Dennis’ passing I wrote a little bit about what he meant to me and others.  It’s been almost a year since his passing and I wonder how we have managed with out him.  Certainly, we knew him in different ways and his physical absence has left its mark in ways that are very personal to each of us.
I will share some of my thoughts about my father-in-law as we are all thinking about him a little bit more today.  You have your own stories and memories to pass along.  Please share a remembrance or two with the rest of us in the comment section below.
       Grandpa was a true north star.  He seemed to be always pointed in the right direction.  Whenever, my compass was off the mark, just a brief in encounter with him would bring the needle back to where it needed to be. I think he managed to do that for lots of people.
Dennis with Sarah and Meg
Grandpa, as noted by his good friend  Ed, was a man’s man, a man of true grit.  He really was a tough hombre, never brash, rarely in your face, but if you had a piece of ground or a foxhole to defend, you wanted him beside you.
Grandpa, also had enduring strength — he was built to last — to finish the race.  Many have the knack for starting things and he was certainly good at that too;  but, he was outstanding as a finisher.  He was physically strong, even into old age.  And he was made of true temper steel on the inside.
       Grandpa was, well, a grandpa.  He loved his grandchildren, especially, his favorite grandchild, Micah.  (Micah had advantages because he shared a birthday with Grandpa.  Happy Birthday Micah!)  Even though he loved Micah first among all the male grandchildren, he had more than enough love for all his grandchildren.  None of them lacked for love from their Grandpa.
Grandpa was like the small bush referred to in the gospel that became a large tree.  We all grew under his enormous shadow.  To one degree or another, each of our lives were nurtured and fed within the great canopy of his life.
I remember with great affection when I met Dennis as a young man, and the way he would joyfully sing to Lord, with his own personal, infectious “Alleluia”.  I never grew tired of hearing him do that.  I feel sure when I see him next, before the great throne of the Lamb, I will hear it again, yes I will hear it again.

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